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Our systems allow for the centralized storage of patient information, reducing the risk of data loss or duplication and provide patients with access to their medical information, enabling them to be more involved in their own care
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Outpatient and Inpatient Care Module

This module involves the management of patients who
receive treatment without being admitted to the hospital (outpatient care) and those who require
hospitalization for an extended period (inpatient care).It includes scheduling appointments, managing patient information, maintaining medical records, coordinating care between different departments, and billing patients and insurance providers

Our Modules

Front Office Appointments Management Module

The front office module is responsible for managing patient interactions and appointments, including check-in and check-out procedures, appointment scheduling, and managing patient inquiries. It also includes handling patient information and medical records, managing billing and insurance claims, and coordinating with other departments.
Our Modules

Inpatient Care Management Module

The inpatient department module manages the care of patients who are admitted to the hospital. It includes coordinating care between medical professionals, managing patient medications and medical procedures, and maintaining patient records.
Our Modules

Doctor EMR Management Module

The doctor module is responsible for managing the medical care of patients. This includes diagnosing and treating illnesses, prescribing medication, ordering lab tests, and consulting with other medical professionals.
Our Modules

Operation Theatre Management Module

The operation theatre module manages the scheduling and preparation of surgical procedures. This includes preparing surgical equipment, ensuring the operating room is sterile, and coordinating with medical professionals involved in the surgery.
Our Modules

Nutrition Module

The nutrition department module is responsible for managing the dietary needs of patients. This includes providing meal plans, ensuring patients receive appropriate nutrition, and coordinating with medical professionals to ensure patients receive the necessary nutrition to support their recovery
Our Modules

Nurse Module

The nurse module manages the care of patients, including administering medication, providing wound care, monitoring vital signs, and assisting with patient hygiene. Nurses also communicate with doctors and other medical professionals to coordinate patient care
Our Modules

Branch Management & Stock Transfer Management Module

The branch management module is responsible for managing the operations of multiple hospital branches. This includes coordinating care between different branches, managing staffing and resources, and ensuring that each branch operates efficiently and effectively.
Our Modules

Pharmacy Billing Management Module

The pharmacy module is responsible for managing the inventory and dispensing of medications. It includes ordering and stocking medications, filling prescriptions, and providing patient education on medication usage and side effects.
Our Modules

Laboratory Billings & Reports Management Module

The laboratory module performs diagnostic tests on patient samples, including blood, urine, and tissue. This module is responsible for processing and analyzing samples, interpreting results, and reporting findings to doctors and other medical professionals
Our Modules

Radiology Billings & Reports Management Module

The radiology module is responsible for performing diagnostic imaging procedures such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans. It includes operating and maintaining imaging equipment, interpreting images, and reporting findings to doctors and other medical professionals.

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